as gods fall

— cavusrex

In a dying world of magic and steel a god has been murdered. And it’s your job to find the murderer.

May 23, 2024     210 Views

life as a ruler: nexus island

— libtech-mk

You just arrived on an island with your tribe after 3 months of seeking a new home. It's inhabitants seek to make you their new neighbour. Normalcy changes as you learn about being the first Dragonborn. Not long ago it was a Legend. Come be a Ruler.

May 22, 2024     1556 Views

knights of venus

— apple

A game about big stompy robots and the squishy humans in them.

May 17, 2024     1339 Views

blood legacies (public demo)

— ldnunes

You were born to be a leader, both military and political. With the power of ice in one hand and a sword in the other, you must bear the bloody legacy of your family and protect your people and kingdom against threats, hidden or otherwise...

May 16, 2024     147 Views

mirror game sketch 2023

— havenstone-

Halloween Jam 2023, baby.

Oct 31, 2023     574 Views

choice of rebels: stormwright

— havenstone-

Sequel to Choice of Rebels: Uprising. An epic fantasy Work in Progress.

Dec 23, 2022     27558 Views

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